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Chinese Drywall Remediation, Drywall Science, Chinese Drywall Screening
Chinese Drywall Remediation, Drywall Science, Chinese Drywall Screening

Chinese Drywall Remediation, Rebuild and Testing

There are two methods for remediating Chinese drywall:

  • Removal and Replacement
  • In-Place Remediation (does not require drywall removal)

Removal and Replacement: This is the traditional method for CDW remediation. And it is the method that is approved by the US Consumer Product Safety Commission and the Federal Drywall Taskforce. On the right is a link to a detailed protocol for traditional remediation developed by Certified Mold & Allergen Free Corp for reference. This protocol covers 100% of the CPSC/Drywall Taskforce recommendations. See CDW Remediation Protocol.

If there are limited amounts of problem Chinese drywall in a home mixed in with good drywall, selective or surgical removal can be a cost effective option. But first the walls and ceilings must have the CDW mapped before one can obtain quotes for selective removal & replacement. The two leading mapping firms are at: www.drywallscience.com and www.chinesedrywallscreening.com.

On the right is a case study on Selective Chinese Drywall Remediation as well as additional information on the Cause of CDW Off-Gassing; Why CDW Smells; and other useful information.

Contact Gary Rosen, Ph.D. for more information on traditional Chinese drywall removal. Specializing in selective/surgical drywall removal.

Tel: 954-614-7100
Email: gary@chinese-drywall.org

In-Place Remediation: There are several options for In-Place Remediation where the drywall is treated in place and does not have to be removed and replaced. None of these are government approved but all have been around for several years. The cost of treatment is a fraction of the cost of removal and replacement. In-Place Remediation takes only a few days and does not require building permits.

The most popular method is Molecular Cleanz™ and can be found at: www.molecular-cleanz.com. On the right is a link that compares several In-Place CDW Remediation Methods. With these In-Place Methods once the problem Chinese drywall is remediated it is then non-problematic Chinese drywall. About 1/3 of the Chinese drywall in Florida is non-problematic. There are no disclosure requirements for non-problematic CDW in Florida Real Estate Disclosure Forms.

Whatever In-Place method you choose you should have post-remediation clearance testing for CDW gases performed to provide proof that the drywall is no longer problematic. The two leading corrosion testing firms are www.drywallscience.com and www.chinesedrywallscreening.com.

Drywall Science also has a lab service where they can analyze copper test coupons for third party consultants/hygienists doing Chinese Drywall post-remediation clearance testing.

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